Thursday 27th February 2020,
Strike-Mor Pro Shop


Equipment Selection

  • Choosing the right ball is essential in today’s sport of bowling. There are many options out there, so ball selection can be confusing for even the best bowlers. We’ll help you choose equipment that will suit your game.

Fitting and Drilling

  • There’s an old saying in bowling: “You can’t out-bowl a bad fit”. We’ll make sure you never have to! We use the latest fitting and drilling techniques to give you a comfortable fitting bowling ball, drilled perfectly – just for you.

Surface Preparation

  • Whether you need to refresh an old ball, or whether you want to fine tune a new ball’s reaction, Strike-Mor Pro Shop can do everything from basic cleaning to full resurfacing. We also use Ebonite’s Hook Again system, restoring hook to oil-saturated covers.


  • Sometimes having a good set of eyes behind you is all you need to take your game to the next level. Strike-Mor Pro Shop offers one-on-one lessons for bowlers of any skill level.