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Stability Strikes

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Stability Strikes

Stability Strikes Performance Socks


Sock Details
  • Our Socks are made with mohair yarn, which is the best yarn money can buy. There is extra mohair cushioning in the heel and toe. The heel is flat to help a bowlers stability at the foul line. The extra padding in the heel and toe also gives you maximum blister control.
  • Stability Strikes are also made with coolmax fabric. The coolmax fabric helps keep your foot warm in the winter and cool in the summer. With the coolmax fabric in the sock, it will bring any perspiration to the outer layers of the sock, keeping your foot dry at all times.
  • Along with mohair yarn and coolmax fabric, Stability Strikes socks include merino wool, lycra, spandex, and synthetic polymers, nylon, and elastic. This sock is going to be the softest sock, and is going to have exceptional elasticity to form to any arch.
  • Stability Strikes socks will not only help a bowlers stability at the foul line, but it will also help with Foot, Knee, or Back pain a bowler may have. These socks are great for everyday wear as well. Some bowlers are wearing these socks to work and at the Gym. Our Stability Strikes socks will give you the comfort and support you need to compete at your maximum potential!

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